Leading Change

Organisational change is inevitable. It is a continuous cycle that affects people in different ways. For people leaders, it is important to understand that any change can influence the energy, productivity, and emotions of those in our team. The way we approach each stage of change will impact our team, our performance and our results.


The “Leading Change” workshop aims to help you lead yourself and your people successfully through change and give you tools to assist you achieve better outcomes, create team positivity, and build resilience to change.


Who should attend?

This program is aimed at People Leaders and Managers who lead others through any type of organisational change – large or small. You will understand how change affects people and what you can do to improve your leadership performance to help people positively go through change.


Program Objectives

  • Understand the stages of change and the impact on people
  • Understand your role in the change process
  • Learn tools and strategies to lead change including how to have effective change conversations with key stakeholders
  • Use emotional intelligence tools to help build resilience

Create an action plan around a current change you are experiencing or have experienced bringing the learning from the day into your role in a practical way.

Duration: 1 full day


For more information,

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