Team Building Programs

Evidence is clear that high performing organisations are made up of high performing teams. Teams are more than a collection of individuals; they are built and that is why team building is so important.

Team building is effective for ensuring that the individuals in the team work together harmoniously, productively and effectively to maximise task accomplishment and the achievement of goals. On a personal level, it allows the individual to align personal goals with organisational goals and to maximize their contribution to the organisation.

Management teams use team building for formulating business strategy and to set future direction. Work teams use team building to clarify shared values and purpose, team roles, improved communication, resolve interpersonal differences, and improve task execution.

The process is always done within the context of a specific purpose and is designed to meet specific objectives.

The Benefits

  • Shared understanding of the teams vision, purpose and goals
  • Clarity of roles within a team
  • Build a more collaborative environment
  • Gain agreement on making decisions, solve problems, resolve differences, getting things done in the best way possible
  • More cohesion and communication
  • Increase in mutual accountability
  • Individual team members are more empowered and engaged


The Process

  • A questionnaire is provided which examines 8 elements of team effectiveness: Purpose and goals, Roles, Team processes, Team relationships, Intergroup Relations, Accountability, Passion, Skills and Learning
  • From the information gathered – themes, strengths, issues and areas of development are identified – a comprehensive report is provided
  • A team building program is designed and facilitated ranging from half day workshops, to 1 day or 2 day programs
  • A summary of each session is provided
  • A summary of results and implementation plan is provided
  • Follow up meeting is done to help the team implement the Action Plan and to review progress

Team building programs are developed to suit the needs of the organisation and the team involved.



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