An executive for a global technology company found coaching challenging in the best way:

“I am constantly surprised by how much Vivienne wants more for me than I think is possible. So I am constantly and more importantly, I am consistently stretching myself and achieving the outcomes we set up together. They are my outcomes as I devise them, and they are always a challenge. To get this sort of attention to my goals is impossible for me to achieve by myself. I sell out, or I just don’t have the objectivity needed to see what’s possible, and then constructively plan to achieve it. That’s what Vivienne brings to the coaching. A voice of experience and challenge, that does not sell out on me, and believes that I can do anything I set myself to do. When we are together, I can see how she uses a range of skills to unlock ideas I didn’t know I have. I have been in noisy cafes feeling like I was the only person there, being taken through an exercise where I visualized myself as I would appear in the future having achieved my goals. She has given me techniques to keep my objectives alive in the day to day contention for my time and attention. When distracted by others’ requests I use these techniques to come back to the plan I have set, and it’s like welcoming an old friend. I feel safe to explore uncharted territory, respected for my own abilities and experience, never judged for my views or ideas, and expected to step into roles and perspectives that I did not imagine possible before I started the coaching. I recently took on a role in my company that has provided me with a significant rise in level and remuneration. And it is not about that, so much as about the role, which has me leading in a business unit, doing work I feel passionate about and find fulfilling and challenging. I recommend Vivienne to any executive or professional alike. Get in, sit down, hold on, it will be a great ride.”


Vice President Global Engineering Organisation – Scott O, talks about their journey of discovery:

“Overall I found the coaching very helpful. Vivienne asked good questions and drilled deeper when there was something to be explored. This is where coaching shines the most since most people could never do this by themselves- they don’t have the perspective to challenge their current thinking. It was a good journey of self discovery and Vivienne did a great job in guiding the learning. The accountability side also worked well, though sometimes I did leave it till late but it still forced progress. In terms of Vivienne’s coaching style, it worked for me and I felt I understood what she was doing, where she was going. Vivienne conveys that she is sincerely interested in me the person being coached and my progress which makes a big difference. I felt she pushed fairly hard to get accountability when needed without being overly demanding. She knew when to back off or try other options if it looked like a tough slog for me to get something done. Vivienne, you are a strong coach and living your life purpose of helping other people to find and show their true colours, thank you for your support and guidance.”


Manager – Finance Systems Operations – John D was a convert:

“Before my initial coaching session I was rather sceptical around the benefits of professional coaching. After my first couple of sessions with Vivienne, I did a complete turnaround and have now become a ‘convert’ to the benefits of professional coaching. It has given me the confidence to move successfully through a turbulent time of what had been a relatively stable and comfortable working life with one company. I have also used some techniques to help other staff through equally tough times and have also recommended that they consider professional coaching where I can see that they will benefit from it. Thank you.“


Project Manager – Finance Eric H found value on both a personal and professional level:

“I am finding these sessions very useful from a personal growth perspective as well as a professional/career perspective. As you know, I am struggling with my Project Management career path and use of creativity. Vivienne has been instrumental in helping me explore my role and where I think my balance in work is.”


A. R. Executive in Culture Change – IT found a new path to follow:

“I could see the business model in my company changing and suspected that my HR role was going to be downsized very soon. In my role I had partnered with the executive in charge of a 500 person international sales arm for the company. After expressing my suspicions with Vivienne as my coach, together we explored my relationship with the executive and how he could help me not just keep my job but allow me to move into a part of HR – skills development and cultural change – that I loved. After some strategising I approached the executive, mapped out what I could do for his business unit, and asked him to set up a role for me in his executive team. As I spun on my heel and walked away, my head was reeling. Without my coach and the planning for my success I would never have imagined it possible to develop the job I asked for. Without my coach I would never have asked for the job. Without my coach I would never have expressed the confidence which, yes you guessed it, got me the job.”


The following are samples of people’s comments after workshops and programs, participants range from being in hospitality, engineering and IT:

“Vivienne was amazing, very informative and she delivered the course very well, providing us with great tools we can use.”
“It was extremely interesting and everyone walked away with a lot better understanding of themselves and having confidence”
“The course opened my eyes to look at myself, set goals and commitments to improve my work style and lifestyle.”
“Vivienne shared experiences and ensured we were all involved and asked us lots of questions.”
“Vivienne was excellent, good communications skills - definitely knows what she is teaching and has a lot of experience.”
“Vivienne is very positive and energetic”