Transitioning to Leadership

Transitioning into a new role with more responsibilities or going through organisational change can be a time for celebration and reflection. “Wow, I’ve made it…. am I really as good as they think I am?” “What do the changes mean to me and the team?” “I was always the technical guru but now I have to manage people… I don’t know how to do that.” “I really want to be good at this – I don’t want to feel like a fish out of water!”

When you are in a new role, a new team or a new company you realise that the skills that got you there may not be what keeps you there.

People going through change need support. Executive coaching can help you manage personal and professional issues that arise during the transition process, help navigate the development of relationships with key people and implement a plan that will facilitate your success in the role.

Wouldn’t it be great to thrive in the new role, feel confident, be clear on the value you provide and know where you are heading? Are you ready to step up to the changes and be successful?

What are the benefits of working with an Executive Coach?

World leaders may get 100 days to show their value, we often get considerably less time than that!

Benefits to the Organisation
Retaining quality people is a great challenge for businesses which is why providing opportunities for personal growth for your staff is so important. Successfully navigating a role transition also has the following organisational benefits:

  • The person is more productive sooner which decreases the transition period
  • Increased job satisfaction which has a positive flow on effect to the work environment
  • The organisation is seen as supporting people in new roles rather than the old “sink or swim” approach
  • People feel valued and recognised by having support

Benefits to the Individual
Working with an executive coach provides the support you need to succeed during this period of change. The benefits you gain are:

  • Clarity of direction through vision and strategy
  • Overall improvement of individual performance
  • Improve your confidence and be more authentic
  • Feel empowered and inspired in the role
  • Reduce the learning curve
  • Enjoy the process

What’s the approach?

The coaching approach focuses on strength building rather than concentrating on problems or weaknesses. While there are valuable lessons to be learnt from the past, we work from a “now” and “looking forward” perspective using experiential techniques. While the coaching agenda comes from you, as a coach, we also hold the big picture agenda for your work and your life so that you are continually moving toward what you want as you move through the process.

“I see you bigger than you see yourself. I raise the bar and challenge you so that you reach a new level of performance, self awareness and satisfaction.” Vivienne Barrett

While the specific areas covered are customised to your personal situation, we look at who you are, what impact you have and who you want to be from a personal, team and organisational perspective. We work on the areas that need development and enhancement. We look at what you need to ‘let go’ of in order to be successful.


The Structure

The coaching program is based on the following progression:

Through focus, new skills and accountability for taking action, you make the changes necessary in a confident and inspired way.


To explore how you can step up as a Leader,

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